Technology is nothing without great people

Our company is made up of a diverse group of people, some of whom have been here since day one, with expansive knowledge of the industry. We hire from a wide range of backgrounds, both from within and outside of financial services, gathering varied experience to improve and challenge our existing processes and methods.

We currently employ more than 500 people between our head office in the City of London, the Isle of Man and Melbourne, Australia, where the majority of our platform developers are based. Our regionally based sales teams, made up of Business Development Managers and Adviser Support Managers, are based throughout the UK.

To demonstrate what it’s like working at Transact, some of our staff have described their experiences in their own words:

Gary – Training Business Partner
Joined Transact June 2014

Glen – Website Support
Joined Transact March 2008

Keval – Third Party Support Manager
Joined Transact September 2015

Lauren – Corporate Events Manager
Joined Transact March 2010

Brian – Head of Technical Services
Joined Transact May 2007

Jane – Group Chief Financial Controller
Joined Transact February 2000

Patricia – Solicitor
Joined Transact December 2016

Joe – Head of System Support
Joined Transact April 2006

Dillan – Client Operations Manager
Joined Transact April 2008

Harriet – Asset Onboarding and Servicing Supervisor
Joined Transact May 2015

Emily – Client Operations Supervisor
Joined Transact November 2017

Phil – Team Manager – Adviser Support and Sales Support
Joined Transact December 2014