To deposit cash into a Transact Portfolio you can either:

  1. Let us know the money is coming across via our online tool under ‘Transactions’ > ‘Deposit’ or ‘Deposit Then Buy’ – where you can tee-up any buys at the same time, should you wish. Money can then be sent to the bank account detailed below. Please still include the 9 digit portfolio number or National Insurance number. We will then be able to auto-match the deposit to the intended wrapper and place buys if instructed.
  2. Perform a direct bank transfer using the following details

Name of Account            Transact Client Account
Name of Bank                  NatWest
Account Number             36298921
Sort Code                         60-00-01

Please reference:

  • The 9-digit Portfolio number for an existing portfolio, or
  • Where the deposit is for a new investor who does not have a portfolio number please use the National Insurance number
  • If you have not informed us of an expected deposit online include the wrapper it is going to E.g. 123456789ISA or JE123456BGIA

3. Complete a Direct Debit Mandate

Please be aware that when initially setting up a direct debit we will undertake certain checks to verify the bank account and the payee’s identity.