In addition to Transact’s own insurance-based and non insurance-based SIPPs, we provide access to SIPP wrappers from a wide range of third party providers.

A data feed in place between Transact and a third party benefits advisers and their clients with:

  • Portfolios linked to potentially reduce overall charges.
  • A single SIPP valuation.
  • Combined investment analysis and reporting.

Click on the SIPP provider name below to view their details.

We are not affiliated with the SIPP providers listed below. The contact details are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to be a recommendation for any third party service. Any links to websites (other than those owned by Transact) are provided for information purposes only. No responsibility is accepted for their content or their availability.

SIPP providers with a data feed

Dentons Pension Management Limited

Dentons – Transact Bespoke SIPP

Transact and Dentons Pensions Management Limited (Dentons) have joined forces to launch the Dentons-Transact Bespoke SIPP.

You can find out about this arrangement here. More detail is provided in the Dentons SIPP Key Features and Fee Schedule. Note: the platform establishment fee (normally £213 plus VAT) is waived.

You can complete a SIPP Application form for your client(s) online or by downloading the paper application forms by clicking on the links below.

When completing the forms please use the contents/checklist section inside the front cover of the Application form to ensure your client has answered all of the questions and provided all of the information as requested:

  1. Application – The Member must state their full name in all sections of the Declaration of Sub Trust, e.g. David Frank Murray. This is a legal document therefore please do not use abbreviations such as Dave.
  2. Default Bank Account Mandate

Terms of Business can be found here.

David Fox

01483 521 521


SIPP providers without a data feed