To find out what others have to say about our Succession Planning service, take a look at some testimonials below.

“Transact succession planning was a huge success for my business. They matched my company perfectly to another adviser who wanted to retire. They arranged the introduction, liaised between us, and helped us both every step of the way. They were involved through the whole process and at the end of a telephone if we required any assistance.”

– Rob Prymachuk

“When I was considering the options for the sale of my business, the guidance and support provided by the Transact Succession Planning Service was invaluable in helping me understand the options available to me.

Following an introduction by the service and having made my decision, Transact have provided first class support assisting the transition to the new company which has enabled me to ensure continuity of service to my clients.”

– Nick Crown

“In 1997, I agreed to buy out my partner Myles Hart. Other advisers in the community saw what I had done and a number came to me and asked me to do the same thing for them. In some cases this was where they wished to retire; in other cases they wanted to wind down, take some capital, and continue to advise clients. We were able to accommodate both situations. Over the past 20 years we have bought over 12 different firms and in 2017, we undertook one of our larger acquisitions, taking advantage of finance provided by Vertus Capital. We have since completed on another couple of deals, again using Vertus Capital and the introduction services provided by Transact, and aim to achieve pay-back on acquisition costs within five years, equivalent to a return on capital of 20% per annum.

We are very satisfied with our long term relationship with Transact. This provides a reliable service infrastructure, independence from any product provider and financial and operational strength. Likewise we have found that Vertus and Transact enabled us to take advantage of opportunities to grow our business rapidly. Vertus have a practical business approach to working with firms, I can always call them to discuss any business opportunity and get practical guidance.

I would strongly recommend both Transact and Vertus as highly professional providers of business services. They will work with firms to take advantage of the great opportunities in the Independent Advice profession.”

– Stephen Evans

“I worked with Transact and Vertus Capital on their first formal matchmaking deal, and have subsequently collaborated with them in considering and executing other acquisitions.

Transact clearly have a valuable ability to identify potentially well-suited buyers and sellers; their deep but impartial relationships with advisory firms are such that they can be relied upon by both parties to make considered and welcome introductions.

Vertus are uniquely positioned to help advisory firms to finance acquisitions and execute sales; they understand our space intimately, and seek to provide support for buyers – in the form of both capital and expertise – as well as, importantly, transparency, security and comfort for sellers. They have proven themselves to be a fantastic partner, before, during and beyond individual acquisitions.

Whether you are considering your future and life beyond your business, or are looking to take the next steps in your ambitious growth plans, Transact and Vertus have the capability and the genuine desire to help, and I commend both unequivocally.”

– Michael Smith

“As a first time business purchaser, I found Transact and Vertus helped me throughout the deal process and provided me with excellent guidance and support.

I found the ability to talk to people who really understand the financial advice sector really valuable and is not something I believe I would have received from a bank.

The service provided was highly personal and I consider my relationship with both to be an important business partnership in my future growth plans.”

– Daniel Richards

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