Clients can re-register existing Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) with us as secondary market trades.

Following Royal Assent of the Finance Act 2014, newly issued shares in VCTs no longer need to be bought directly from the VCT provider in order for the investor to receive the tax certificate. When the VCT provider issues an offer for new shares, Transact Nominees Limited has an agreement in place to purchase these and register the underlying client as the beneficial owner with the VCT registrar for the tax relief.

We are not affiliated with the VCTs listed below. The investment information and contact details were provided by the VCTs, and Transact does not take responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided. This is provided for information purposes only and not intended to be a recommendation for any third party service. Any links to websites (other than those owned by Transact) are provided for information purposes only. No responsibility is accepted for their content or their availability.

Providers of new issues of VCTs