A clear, transparent charging structure

We state all of our fees and charges up front, plus:

  • Interest received on cash is passed back to clients.
  • Family members can link their portfolios to benefit from lower charges.
  • Our approach to linking for families, corporate, third party and trust clients is described here.
Please read the Commissions and Charges schedule below for more details.

Things we don’t charge for that some other platforms do:

  • Any extra administration.
  • Re-registrations, drawdown or income payments.
  • Ad-hoc valuations.

We follow a responsible pricing approach, reducing charges where we can without impacting our award-winning service.

Annual charge

Single or consolidated portfolios of less than £100,000Annual Charge
£0 - £60,0000.50%
>£60,000 and <£100,0000.27%*
Single or consolidated portfolios of £100,000 and aboveAnnual Charge
£0 - £600,0000.27%*
>£600,000 - £1,200,0000.17%
>£1,200,000 - £5,000,0000.07%
On the remainder0.05%

**Reducing to 0.26% from 1 July 2022.

Wrapper charges

Transact Investment Wrapper TypeQuarterly Fee
General Investment Account£0
Onshore Bond£18
Personal Pension Plan£20
Executive Pension Plan£20
Section 32 Buy-Out Bond£20
Offshore Bond£60

*Reducing to 0.26% on 1st July 2022    **ISA includes the Cash ISA, Stocks and Shares ISA and Lifetime ISA.

Where a client holds more than one wrapper of the same type, they will only be charged one wrapper fee per wrapper type each quarter.

Buy Commission

When clients buy an investment we charge a Buy Commission of 0.05% of the value of that investment. At the end of each month, clients may receive a refund based upon the average portfolio value for the month or part month as follows:

Monthly average portfolio(s) valuesEffective rateRefund

*Reducing to £200,000 on 1st March 2022.

Dealing charges

For each transaction to buy or sell investments listed on or admitted to a stock exchange:
Single transactionUp to £3.75 per transaction (economies apply where more than one client is requesting the same transaction for the same investment at the same time)
Phased transactionsUp to £1.00 per transaction
Regular transactionsUp to £0.50 per transaction
Express trades£10 per transaction

Please note: different charges will apply when we use other parties to execute transactions and these are applied proportionately to all clients. Third party dealing charges vary by security type, market and transaction value.

Members of the UK Platform Group have developed a factsheet to help consumers compare platform charges – the factsheet outlines the types of charges imposed by platforms and the different labels that are used across the industry to describe such charges.

For full details of our charges

See our latest Commissions and Charges Schedule

Commissions and Charges Schedule