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This information is intended for general guidance for authorised financial advisers only. It is not intended to constitute a recommendation or advice and is based on our interpretation of relevant rules and regulations.

The Transact platform is suitable for a broad range of clients. Many advisers start using Transact for a specific client need before broadening their usage of the platform. To help you get started, we have set out some key client benefits offered by Transact below. Many of these benefits are not offered by other platforms. Please get in contact with us any time to find out more.

  • Clients can hold a business or Family Investment Company account on the platform as well as a personal account.
  • Clients can open sub-wrappers for any wrapper type within their Transact portfolio.
  • We can accept most clients who are British expatriates or non-British UK residents.
Wrappers & life planning
  • Clients can access the additional tax benefits offered by a flexible ISA.
  • We can accept transfers from a wide range of retirement vehicles into our pension wrappers, with access to on-platform functionality and reporting.
  • Clients can access the potential tax benefits and flexibility of a bond whilst having access to a large range of assets.
  • Our leading technical and operational support helps complete defined benefit transfers within tight timelines.
  • We can help clients interested in funding a property purchase using funds in a Lifetime ISA.
  • Transact offers family discounts and junior portfolios to facilitate inter – generational financial planning.
Sub-wrappers & investing
  • You can create a sub-wrapper with a specific model portfolio to save for specific needs, e.g. university or private school fees.
  • Sub-wrappers can be used to hold multiple discretionary or advisory portfolios within one wrapper type.
  • Clients can hold a wide range of investment trusts and listed securities on Transact.
  • Clients can drip money into the market via regular premiums and phased buys.
  • Clients can utilise term deposits (and within wrappers) on Transact.
Tax planning
  • Management of Capital Gains Tax liabilities may be more easily managed for assets held in a Transact portfolio using our calculator tool.
  • Capital Gains Tax can be managed via transfers to other family members.
  • Inheritance Tax can be managed via direct VCT subscriptions or a discretionary AIM portfolio.
  • Inheritance Tax can be managed via contributions to a grandchild’s ISAs or pensions.
  • We provide comprehensive UK tax reporting for offshore reporting funds.
  • We can provide access to range of specimen trust documentation and guidance alongside leading technical support.
  • Your existing trust clients can use our bonds or general investment account to manage their investments.

As an adviser, see for yourself all that Transact has to offer:

  • Platform demonstration – get a temporary login so that you can “test drive” the Transact platform and see the features and functionality available to you.
  • Meet a Business Development Manager – who will demonstrate and explain our platform service in more detail.
  • Explore our charging structure – our prices are 100% transparent and competitive.
  • Due diligence service – our dedicated Sales Support team are on hand to help you.

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