Trusts enable clients to protect their wealth

However, trusts can be complex, and getting it right can be time consuming. At Transact, we are committed to supporting advisers in developing their trust related business through providing both online and offline resources at every stage of the trust planning process.

We offer specimen trust documents as well as access to in-house technical trust support from our Technical Services team:

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We have also sourced specialist providers in the field of trusts to help advisers deliver the most effective estate planning solutions for their clients. Click on the service provider name below for more details.

We are not affiliated with the trust service providers listed below and do not receive a fee or commission for any referrals to them. The contact details are provided for information purposes only and not intended to be a recommendation for any third party service. Any links to websites (other than those owned by Transact) are provided for information purposes only. No responsibility is accepted for their content or their availability.

Trust Service Providers

Where enhanced support in relation to trust solutions is required, the providers listed below offer services such as trust administration, accounting, tax advice and compliance support.


Blick Rothenberg

Blick Rothenberg advises on trusts of all sizes and offer a full range of compliance services including:

  • Preparation of trust tax returns and electronic submission to HMRC (SA900).
  • Preparation of trust accounts.
  • Production of tax certificates (forms R185) for beneficiaries.
  • Calculation of maximum income distributions.
  • Preparation of inheritance tax accounts for ten year anniversaries and exit charges.

In addition they can advise on all tax issues including tax efficient winding up of trusts, securing reliefs from Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax and using trusts in estate planning.

Stephanie Parker
020 7544 8863

Mills & Reeve LLP

Mills & Reeve provide advice on trust administration and taxation, trust compliance, accounting and trustee’s duties and offer a wealth of legal, accounting and taxation knowledge in this area. The firm’s trust corporation can also act as an independent professional Trustee.

Claire Nash
0121 456 8415


Solidus is a trust services company who work with financial planners throughout the UK to provide their clients with enhanced advice in relation to trust solutions.

Sonya Gosling
0845 260 8750

WAY Investment Services

WAY Investment Services offer IHT planning solutions. These trusts range from the mainstream (e.g. DGT’s, Loan Trust) to more sophisticated but long established and HMRC accepted, Flexible Reversionary and Normal Expenditure Trusts.

WAY also offer Corporate Trustee Services to carry out the fiduciary and administrative responsibilities of trustees including all HMRC reporting, accounting and returns.

These services are available for both WAY trusts and external trusts.

Tony Lyons
01202 890895


ZEDRA is the largest independent trust company in the UK with a heritage of administering trusts, which can be traced back more than 100 years and over 3,400 trusts under management comprising £1.5 billion of assets. ZEDRA is authorised and regulated by the FCA and the firm’s trust corporation provides a professional trustee service including taxation compliance, accounting, regulatory reporting and all trustee duties with a focus on client service.

ZEDRA also provides a trustee assistance service for individual trustees requiring support with any aspect of their trustee role including registering trusts under the Trust Registration Service.

Additional services include Will writing, Probate assistance and Estate administration, plus Power of Attorney drafting and administration.

Sue Wakefield
01565 748825


Trust Bank Accounts

While all trusts have different requirements, many will need a bank account allowing Trustees to gain access to the trust funds.

Please note: the application process for each bank detailed below varies, so please ensure you follow the processes indicated. Any queries should be sent directly to the respective bank, in the first instance. 


Cater Allen Private Bank

Full information on the range of trust bank accounts available and how to apply can be found in the trusts section of Cater Allen’s website here, or using the contact information below.

Cater Allen Customer Engagement Team
0800 032 7095

Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank

Please contact Charles Seligman at Clysedale Bank for more information on the trust bank accounts on offer and to obtain the necessary application forms. Once completed, please supply these to Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank.

Charles Seligman
020 7699 6469

Metro Bank

To apply, please download and complete the application forms and accompanying documentation below, and supply these to Transact along with your Transact Trust application.

When completing the forms please use the External Trust Account Checklist to ensure your client has answered all of the questions and provided all of the information as requested:

  1. Transact Trust Account Application Form and Mandate
  2. What You Need to Open an Account
  3. Individual Identification & Verification
  4. Trust Bank Account Important Information Summary

Any queries should be directed to the Metro Bank Partnership Support Team using the details below, also copying in Mark Samuel at Metro Bank.

Partnership Support Team

Mark Samuel


This page is for use by advisers only. It is intended as general guidance only and should not be viewed as a recommendation to use or rely on any of the providers mentioned. The information contained is not advice, nor is it a substitute for advice.