At Transact we understand that succession is a significant challenge for most business owners. The range of options, complexity and divergence of commercial interests can result in significant wasted time and unintended consequences. Whether buyer or seller, you want to get things as right as possible first time.

That’s why we built our service. Since launching in 2016 we have helped to inform, connect and facilitate transactions between like-minded sellers and buyers who are interested in securing the right future for their clients, staff and themselves. Where a common objective is shared between the parties involved, we have found that the success of the transaction has been rewarding for all. We have built resources to help you on your journey on either side of the fence and gained some unique insights into what makes good introductions for users of our platform.

While initially our service was aimed exclusively at Transact users, we have broadened out the service to include help and support in the acquisition of businesses that do not use our platform.

Why is Transact doing this?

Succession planning can be difficult in the adviser market, because it’s:

  • Easy to leave it too late
  • Hard to meet a like-minded firm
  • Even harder to arrange finance if required for the deal.

There is also a:

  • Lack of experience in structuring MBOs
  • Lack of experience in buying/selling firms.

Consolidators and vertical integrators have seized upon this opportunity, but many independent advisers (especially Transact users) seek a deal with a like-minded independent firm. This naturally led to advisers asking us to introduce them to other Transact users in order to secure a safe onwards passage for their clients, or business, when they come to think about retirement options.

Due to the growing demand, we decided to formalise our intra-Transact Succession Planning service.


We designed the service with busy business owners in mind with:

  1. An extensive knowledge base and regular workshops across the UK to help business owners better understand their options and move towards a sound decision.
  2. Introductions to sellers or buyers of businesses, backed-up by a robust assessment process.
  3. A confidential process that protects the information of both parties.


Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, our ultimate aim is to help you find a good fit and enable the execution of a deal that benefits both parties and their clients.

For sellers
You will only exit your business once and so you want to get it right. Finding the right buyer is critical to a positive outcome for you and your clients. We can help by focusing on introducing you to firms that are similar to yours and ready to acquire.

For buyers
There are many ways to find a firm to buy, but most of them require a lot of patience and leg work. By using our service, you are removing some of the uncertainty and managing your most valuable resource effectively, time.

How does it work?

We have established a confidential service where Transact advisers can record their interest as a buyer or a seller.

Registration is straightforward and requires the completion of a form in order to provide us with some initial details such as:

  • Whether you are a buyer or a seller
  • Your funds under advice
  • Your adviser fee charging structure
  • Your investment approach
  • The systems you use to run the business.

We then ‘match’ your requirements with those of other firms.

And, for the avoidance of doubt, we always keep the names on our database confidential.

How do I find out more and register my interest?

If you would like to register, then please refer to the appropriate document below which you should complete and then send to:

You can also contact the Succession Planning team using the email address above, or contact Dan using the details below with any queries you may have. He will be happy to help.

Daniel Smith

Succession Planning – Manager
Tel: 07825 065889


Additional support:

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This information is for use by financial professionals only.