Structured products are available for purchase on the Transact platform. These products typically have a closing date. The most appropriate way to view product information is therefore to go direct to the providers’ website. Providers’ websites contain product literature including information on target market, costs and charges, risks and key features.

Structured products are classified as “complex” investments. This means that it could be difficult to understand and evaluate the risk and return profile of the investment. Further, generic, information can be found in our Guide to Investment Risk, available on Transact Online.

We are not affiliated with the structured product providers listed below. Transact does not take responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information on the providers’ websites. The details listed below are provided for information purposes only. They are not, nor are they intended to be, a recommendation of any structured product. Any links to websites (other than those owned by Transact) are provided for information purposes only. No responsibility is accepted for their content or their availability.

Arcus Partners Ltd

Dura Capital Ltd

Hilbert Investment Solutions

hop investing



MB Structured Investments



Walker Crips

Causeway Securities