Jodie – Trade Executioner

Joined Transact December 2006

Staff Profile

Why did you join Transact?

I decided to join Transact because I wanted to join a company where I could progress. After doing my research on the company it was clear they were a growing company and a great place to continue my career in the industry.

Talk us through your career at Transact so far.

I joined our Document Management team in 2006.

In 2008 I joined the Finance department where I worked as an Operational Accounting Administrator (now Custody Asset Administrator) and was in this role for 4 years.

I moved to the Corporate Actions team in 2012 where I took on the responsibilities of a Corporate Actions Executor. In May 2017, I went on maternity leave and returned to the Corporate Actions team in April 2018 for 4 months.

As a new challenge, I joined the Dealing team as a Trade Executor where my skill set now allows me the opportunity to cover on both the Corporate Actions and Dealing team if additional support is needed.

What does your role involve on a day-to-day basis?

From 2pm we commence placing all pooled and equity trades.

Equity deals are placed electronically with the market makers and by phone with the stockbrokers.

Pooled products are primarily un-listed products such as unit trusts, OEIC’s, UCITS and structured products. We place trades in these products through a variety of means including, fax, email, post, and phone or digitally.

Other day-to-day duties include: testing our prices to ensure our exchange traded deals have achieved the best price, confirming that all exchange traded transactions have been reported to the FCA, reconciling the previous day’s deals to ensure all trades have been dealt and dealing with any internal or external queries.

How would you describe the culture at Transact?

I started working at Transact in 2006 at the age of 21, and the culture has remained relaxed and supportive with a focus on developing staff throughout this time.

Transact’s main focus is providing clients with the best service possible which is reflected in how well they treat their employees.

What advice would you give someone joining Transact?

I would advise anyone who is about to join Transact to work hard and don’t be afraid to apply for new roles, secondments or promotions. Take advantage of the support, training programs and external qualifications offered by the company.