Emma – Digital Marketing Manager

Joined Transact July 2016

Why did you decide to join Transact?

I joined Transact in 2016. With a background in financial services, Transact felt like a great place for me to build on my existing knowledge while developing my skills and experience in financial marketing.

As the leading investment platform in the UK, Transact seemed an innovative, forward-looking company and very much a thought leader in its field. I knew there were plans to list on the stock exchange and I was excited at the prospect of helping work towards this.

The company’s client-centric ethos and grounded culture resonated with me, and with such a strong track record, I was keen to play a part in Transact’s ongoing success.

Talk us through your career at Transact so far.

I started out at Transact working on a wide range of projects, predominantly focused on the design, production and maintenance of print and online marketing communications. I was also highly involved in our market insights activities, giving me a valuable perspective of the platform industry.

My role has expanded to involve the development of communications and campaigns for product launches and service developments across a variety of mediums, in addition to managing the development of our two company websites and working on UX improvements to our platform interface – alongside other brand, communications and PR work.

In addition to the experience gained within Transact, I have had the opportunity to study for and gain a marketing qualification which has enabled me to add further value in my role and support my professional development.

What does your current role involve on a day-to-day basis?

The Marketing team is very much at the heart of Transact and it plays a supporting role in most developments taking place across the business. As such I have had great opportunity to gain exposure to most departments across the business.

Typical daily activities might involve the following:

  • Managing development of the company’s websites, occasionally liaising with our software team in Australia for certain developments
  • Creating a communications plan for a new service offering before drafting, building and issuing to the adviser community
  • Meeting with our advertising agency to discuss requirements for an upcoming campaign
  • Promoting our services and events through the use of social media
  • Providing guidance and advice on brand, communication and PR queries.

How would you describe the culture at Transact?

All of the staff at Transact work towards a single shared goal, and this fosters a collaborative and engaging atmosphere in the office. Staff are approachable and supportive of each other and there is a real collective working style.

My colleagues are inquisitive, interesting and interested which makes for a thriving and enjoyable working environment. It also goes a long way to facilitating the delivery of outstanding service.

What advice would you give someone joining the business?

Be open and honest, build relationships, ask questions, always keep the end-user in mind, and be proud of the impact you are having.