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Succession Planning Service from Transact combined with Vertus Capital

Why is Transact doing this?

Succession planning can be difficult in the adviser market, because it’s:

  • Easy to leave it too late.
  • Hard to meet a like-minded firm.
  • Even harder to arrange finance if required for the deal.

There is also a:

  • Lack of experience in structuring MBOs.
  • Lack of experience in buying / selling firms.

Consolidators and vertical integrators have seized upon this opportunity, but many advisers (especially Transact users) seek a deal with like-minded Transact users. This naturally led to advisers asking Transact to introduce them to other users in order to secure a safe onwards passage for their clients, or business, when they come to think about retirement options.

Due to the growing demand, we decided to formalise our intra-Transact matchmaking service.

What is the benefit to advisers?

Advisers realise the advantages of concluding a deal with other Transact users. Having established Transact portfolios for their clients and managed these for many years, these clients have become highly satisfied with the service and see no reason to change their portfolio provider should their adviser decide to retire. Better client persistency results in the valuation of the adviser firm being higher (especially important where the deal includes some deferred payments). So, concluding a deal with another Transact user is better for the client, the adviser and Transact.

How does it work?

We have established a confidential service where Transact advisers can record their interest as a buyer or a seller.

Registration is straightforward and requires the completion of a form in order to provide us with some initial details. Such as:

  • Whether you are a buyer or a seller.
  • Your funds under advice.
  • Your adviser fee charging structure.
  • Your investment approach.
  • The systems you use to run the business.

We then ‘match’ your requirements with those of other firms.

And, for the avoidance of doubt, we always keep the names on our database confidential.

To get started, please complete one of the Deal Profile Documents below and send it to:

What if I need help with a loan to finance the deal?

This is not our expertise and so we have formed an exclusive collaboration with Vertus Capital who specialise in providing independent capital to the adviser market.  Most importantly, they understand that a traditional financial underwriting approach, based on balance sheet strength, is not appropriate for a growing professional services firm. They understand how to lend against future cash flow.

The Vertus website can be found here.

How do I find out more and register my interest

And so, whether you’re a potential buyer or seller, then do contact us for more information.


0207 608 4900