Harry – Document Management Administrator

Joined Transact January 2017

Staff profile

Why did you join Transact?

I joined Transact after finishing college. During my education I enjoyed subjects like mathematics and economics, and I knew I wanted a career in the finance sector. I did not previously have experience within a document management team, and when I saw Transact was looking for a new employee in this team, through my research, I found that this was a brilliant school-leaver job and a great way to enter the finance sector, which is what I was looking for.

Talk us through your career at Transact so far.

My time at Transact has been very successful so far. I have been able to improve my skills and take on more responsibility within my role, such as testing new releases of our Transact system. Additionally, through Transact’s Learning and Development team I have been able to study for my CISI qualification, and have had the opportunity to develop myself further.

What does your role involve on a day-to-day basis?

My average working day would start off with me and my team opening and scanning all client post onto our system. We would classify each piece of post as a specific document type, depending on what is enclosed, and then link that document to the relevant client’s portfolio. After we have finished with all the client post, we would move onto the post received for other parts of the business, such as the Dividends team. We then follow a similar process of opening, scanning and classifying these documents. In the afternoon we focus on documents being sent out of the business, such as outgoing pension transfer documents.

How would you describe the culture at Transact?

Transact has a friendly and open culture, which is great, as it gives me an opportunity to engage with our senior managers and our CEO. This also helps me build better working relationships with other employees outside my team. Furthermore, I can say with confidence, that everyone I have met has been helpful and always supportive if I have a query on another team’s processes.

What advice would you give someone joining Transact?

One piece of advice I would give a new employee is that they should always be proactive and offer their ideas. Even if it is not embedded straight away, it will help you learn and build a broader understanding of why we do things the way we do.